Pay Week Advice

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Multiple public holidays are occurring in the coming weeks and we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of some key dates to ensure there are no delays in your payment over this period.
Upcoming public holidays:
• Good Friday 10th April 2020
• Easter Saturday 11th April 2020
• Easter Monday 13th April 2020
• ANZAC Day (Observed) 27th April 2020

Pay week advice – period ending 05/04/2020
• For work done in the period 30/03/2020 – 05/04/2020 your worksheets are due by 12:00pm (midday) on Monday, 06/04/2020 to be paid Thursday, 09/04/2020.

Pay week advice – period ending 12/04/2020
• For work done in the period 06/04/2020 – 12/04/2020 your worksheets are due by 5.30pm on Monday, 13/04/2020 to be paid Friday, 17/04/2020.

Whilst we have strict cut off submission times as listed above, we encourage all team members to please submit timesheets for work done in the period 30 March – 12 April as soon as possible.
For example, if you are not working on the weekend, please submit your timesheet as soon as your final shift is completed during the week.
We advise that any timesheets received after cut off submission times will be included in the following week’s pay cycle.
A reminder as well that there will be no DA or HG services on public holidays so if you have any scheduled you will need to contact your co-ordinator.
We again remind you to download the latest version of the Timesheet with our COVID-19 questions from Qintil.

If you have any questions about the pay cycles or how to submit your worksheet, please contact our friendly Payroll Team on 1300 764 433.

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