Lodging Incidents and Feedback

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To help you log incidents and feedback in real-time, HenderCare uses a secure, online reporting system called ionMy.

ionMy allows you to enter incident and feedback details conveniently online.

Through ionMy, you can capture photos, immediate information and statements about the incident at the time of occurrence. Real-time notification of the incident is then sent to the responsible person at HenderCare to action.

You can report incidents such as injury, hazards, security, property damage or near misses directly from your smart phone.

To assist you with getting started, we encourage you to view the brief training video below.



To access ionMy, please click here

Once you have clicked the link to access ionMy, please do the following:

  • Bookmark the webpage for future reference
  • In the ‘ORGANISATION CODE’ box, please enter: 473949 (tick REMEMBER CODE)
  •  For ‘USERNAME’ and ‘PASSWORD’, please enter the email you provided to HenderCare for both fields

Once logged in, you will be asked to change your password.

For technical assistance with the app, please contact support@ionmy.com.au.

For questions relating to incidents and feedback, please speak with a Service Delivery and Rostering Officer.

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