Keep safe on the roads this winter

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Winter is hanging on and we encourage all our customers and staff to follow some simple tips to help keep yourselves and others safe on the roads this wet season.
Be aware of the condition of your vehicle:
Before you leave your home, you should be aware of the condition of your vehicle and check the following:
• Ensure your vehicle is in good working order and regularly maintained
• Check tyre tread (at least 1.5mm deep across the width of the tyre)
• Make sure all your vehicle’s lights are working properly
• Check that your windscreen wipers are working effectively
Driving safely in wet weather
It is always a good idea on colder days to check the forecast and keep an eye out for the latest road condition alerts. These can be accessed via the Bureau of Meteorology website ( If the weather is looking ominous and you can postpone your travel you are encouraged to do so. In the event that you cannot change your travel plans as you are working or have appointments that cannot be moved, bear in mind the following wet weather road advice:
• Keep your lights on low-beam
• Break, accelerate and corner slowly
• Double the distance between yourself and the car in front of you – a four-second distance is recommended
• Avoid sudden breaking
• Use your demister to keep the windscreen clear of condensation
• Stay within your lane markings
• Avoid unsealed roads
Remember the most important thing with wet weather travel is to drive to the conditions and to arrive safely.

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