HenderCare Document Password Change

  • 1 min

At HenderCare we occasionally need to share personal consumer and participant information with our referring entities. As a part of our commitment to protecting the privacy of individuals, we require some documents sent outside HenderCare’s network to be password protected.
In line with a scheduled password update, a new document protection password will be implemented Monday 26 October 2020.

To access the new password, please follow the below steps:
• log into Qintil
• click ‘My Tasks’
• scroll down to ‘Sensitive Document Password’ and click
To access a 30 second video showing you where to access the password document, please click here.
If you need additional assistance with Qintil, please click the links below to access our Qintil training videos.
• Setting up your Qintil account
• How to reset your Qintil account password
• Reading required documents – Qintil
• Report an Incident via Qintil
Thank you.

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