Form reminders

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When you attend a service we understand that your primary focus needs to be on the service recipient’s needs. However, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that in addition to the service itself, there is also sometimes important paperwork which needs to be completed.
Here’s a brief reminder of a few key forms which need to be completed*.
Timesheet / Worksheet (HenderCare Foundation)
If you are a HenderCare Pty Ltd worker, your timesheet needs to be completed in full and submitted to payroll weekly. We have recently made some changes to the timesheet and introduced new terminology. To access our Your Timesheet Explained guide, please head to the staff portal.
HenderCare Foundation workers still need to complete a Worksheet.
Work Health and Safety Site Inspection Form
This form is to be completed by a HenderCare worker at the first service before completing tasks and then annually thereafter. We would like to remind all our team members that in addition to pages 1 – 3, you also need to complete the checklist section on page 4 of the document.
Daily Home & Garden Maintenance Equipment Log
Relevant to our Home and Garden Maintenance workers, this log is required to be completed daily and needs to record that all your equipment is in good working order prior to service. The form should be submitted weekly with your completed timesheets.
Incident/Injury Report Form
Only to be completed when an incident or injury has occurred at the service. The form needs to be returned to your Coordinator as soon as possible after the incident or injury has occurred.
Hazard Report Form
Only to be completed when a hazard has been identified at the service. The form needs to be returned to your Coordinator as soon as possible after the hazard has been identified.
All of the above-referenced forms are available via the staff portal which can be accessed by clicking here. We encourage all staff to regularly review the portal for forms and other information.
*Please note that you may have forms relevant to your role which are not listed above. The above is to provide a general overview only

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