Exploring dementia and love

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The Museum of Love is a project launched on Valentine’s Day in 2017 by Celebrate Ageing. It’s designed to document the importance and presence of love in the lives of people with dementia. Yesterday, the Museum of Love launched its new website.
Photo credit: Lisa White, The Social Photographer.
The Museum of Love shares stories, photos, portraits and film exploring love in the lives of people living with dementia.
As a service provider, we’ve been supporting older Australians for more than fourteen years. From in-home support to residential care, our staff regularly provide care and services to people who are living with dementia. We believe that the launch of Museum of Love’s new website is a timely reminder that a dementia diagnosis isn’t the sum total of a person.
Documenting and sharing the precious memories, the tenderness and the joy in the lives of people with dementia is an important way for us all to appreciate that every person living with a disease is first and foremost still a person.
The Museum of Love website is a touching tribute to the relationships within families and across generations that are affected by dementia. The stories range from handwritten notes from grandchildren recounting outings with a beloved grandparent, to family portraits and reminiscences of first kisses decades ago.
We encourage our community to visit the Museum of Love website and explore the stories shared there.
Who is Celebrate Ageing?
Celebrate Ageing is a National Program challenging ageism and building respect for older people. This self-funded Program was established in 2016 by Dr Catherine Barrett, a facilitator, capacity builder, researcher and artist with over 30 years experience working with older people. In 2013 Catherine attended the National Elder Abuse Conference and decided to take action to address ageism. Catherine works with a team of older people and uses art and story based approaches to create social change – to challenge ageism, prevent elder abuse and build respect for older people.
When you need a hand
If you or a loved one are living with dementia, we may be able to support you. Please feel free to contact us on 1300 764 433 at any time for a discussion with our team. You are always welcome to send us a message via this website

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