Don’t forget to check in

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Whilst we encourage all team members to practise social distancing (where possible), it is essential that, no matter what your role, you always check-in with the service recipient when arriving to the service.
This advice is particularly important for our Home and Garden Maintenance team members, where entering the home may not be a standard requirement of the service.
Letting the service recipient know that you have arrived is essential for many reasons but, perhaps most importantly, it provides an opportunity to check on the welfare of the service recipient and is a vital part of your duty of care. If, upon arrival, the service recipient does not answer the door, please contact your Coordinator for further advice. As a reminder, if you have any concerns around the welfare of a service recipient, please call your HenderCare Coordinator as soon as possible on 1300 764 433. Depending on the nature of your feedback or concern, you may also be required to formally lodge this through HenderCare’s incident and feedback management system, ionMy.
Click here for more information and an instructional video. As a reminder, the organisation code for HenderCare is 473949 and we encourage you to bookmark the site when you first access it.

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