Correct process for entering shift splits

  • 1 min

We are asking all Coordinators to please review the information outlined on this page and refresh themselves on the correct process regarding shift time splits.
As we move closer to implementing Allocations Online, it has become crucial that all Coordinators are using the correct shift time splits when making bookings on the system.
In the past, when incorrect information has been entered, payroll has manually made the change but in Allocations Online this will no longer be possible.
Please ensure you are familiar with the above listed service types, shift types and times.
Please also note that all NDIS domestic assistance services need to be booked on the DANP class code.
If you have existing bookings on the system, you will need to go in and update information for these future bookings.
We are asking all Coordinators to please use this process effective immediately. If you have any questions regarding the above, please speak with your manager.

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