Changes to flu vaccination bookings

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HenderCare is again offering our team members free flu vaccinations in 2020. With an overwhelming demand on vaccine stocks nationally, TerryWhite have had to change their booking process and we have expanded our program to help ensure you receive this important vaccination. Please read below for updated advice.
Booking through TerryWhite Chemmart
Receiving your vaccination through TerryWhite Chemmart is HenderCare’s preferred method.
As a result of unusual and increased demand, TerryWhite Chemmart are currently not taking any more direct bookings through the TerryWhite Chemmart website. Instead, please follow the below process:
• Register your details by clicking on this link – TWC Voucher Holder Details
• When registering, make sure you include name, email, mobile, voucher code and postcode.
Once registered, TerryWhite Chemmart stores closest to your nominated postcode will contact you to make arrangements regarding your vaccination. As a HenderCare employee, your code is recognised as working in the community care sector and will be contacted as a matter of priority when stocks are received in store.
Other booking options
In the event you are unable to secure a flu vaccination through TerryWhite Chemmart, you are welcome to find an alternate provider and send HenderCare evidence of the vaccination, plus a copy of the receipt for reimbursement up to the value of $20.00. Please email evidence of the vaccination and receipt to
Please note that if you obtain a flu vaccination at an alternate provider to TerryWhite Chemmart, your voucher with TerryWhite Chemmart will become void. HenderCare will only provide one free flu vaccination per team member and any additional claims will not be reimbursed.
Evidence of flu vaccination required
We strongly encourage all team members to get vaccinated against the flu.
As per government requirements, commencing 1 May 2020, evidence of flu vaccinations will be required before team members can be booked into any services in Aged Care facilites.
When receiving a flu vaccination either through TerryWhite Chemmart or an alternate provider, please request evidence of your vaccination. This may include a certificate or written confirmation from your pharmacist or GP.
All evidence of flu vaccinations needs to please be emailed to
If you have already had a flu vaccination, whether this has been through TerryWhite Chemmart or another provider, and have not yet provided evidence of this to HenderCare, please email this to
If you did not receive evidence at the time of your vaccination, we encourage you to call the provider who administered the vaccination and request they email you a copy of your vaccination certificate which you can then forward to HenderCare.

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