Aged Care Employee Day

  • 3 mins

Today we celebrate Aged Care Employee Day, an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our aged care employees who work tirelessly to provide the best care for the vulnerable members of our community.

Here at HenderCare, we are very fortunate to have incredible staff who work hard to ensure clients are matched with workers that suit them best and are receiving the highest quality care. HenderCare employs passionate aged care coordinators who build great relationships with clients, allowing them to understand what the consumer requires from the service and team member/s.

One of HenderCare’s aged care coordinators, Meliza, has been with HenderCare for just over two years and says the most rewarding part of her role is “knowing that I can support clients to stay in their own homes.” Meliza understands the importance of building strong relationships with clients and what difference this makes to their lives.

“I will not forget seeing a client in hospital. When I walked into her room I sat next to her bed and she took my hand and said I am so grateful you came into my life thank you for coming to see me.” “By building a great relationship with my clients, they feel supported, connected and included and that is essential.”

As part of our celebration of Aged Care Employee Day, we also spoke with one of our clients, Judith, to ask her what impact HenderCare has had on her day to day life and why her relationship with her workers is so important to her. Judith came on board with HenderCare last year and has built great relationships with her workers in the time since. One of Judith’s workers, Margaret, has been a wonderful support for her, doing her shopping and often going on walks together.

“She mainly does shopping for me but if I ask her to do anything else, she’ll do it, she’s very flexible.”

Judith also receives supports from two other workers, James, and Matthew, who assist her with everything from gardening to maintenance jobs in and around the home.

“They’re all wonderful, the difference it has made to my life, having help around the home has been incredible, I couldn’t manage without them.”

On Aged Care Employee Day, we wish to thank all our team members on the continued contribution they are making in the lives of so many, especially during these highly unusual times.

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