A letter from our CEO regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19)

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As the Chief Executive Officer of HenderCare, I wanted to personally update you on the evolving coronavirus situation and how HenderCare is working to protect your health, which include the precautions we are putting in place.
Your health and your capacity to safely access the support services you require is of paramount importance to HenderCare. With additional strain on the health system, both our office staff and team members are working tirelessly to ensure we are delivering the supports required by our community without compromising on quality or safety.

Ongoing monitoring
While Australian cases of the coronavirus are still at low levels, we have assembled a team of senior and clinical management who are regularly meeting to act on advice provided by the Australian Government Department of Health and other regulatory bodies.

Team member education
HenderCare has been in regular contact with our team members since January 2020, informing them of the latest advice from the Australian Government Department of Health regarding the virus and self-isolation. Any team members who travelled to high-risk countries were instructed not to work in their regular role until the completion of a self-isolation period and/or receipt of a medical clearance to return to work.

In addition to this, all team members are required to complete mandatory paid training in methods to prevent the spread of infection.

Response planning
Should the situation worsen, HenderCare will be acting in line with our Business Continuity Plan and the advice set down by the Department of Health.
While we are taking every precaution to help protect your health during this pandemic, I would also like to remind you that overcoming this virus will take a whole community effort. As such, we please request that you support HenderCare team members in the following ways:

– Providing pump handwash or sanitiser
– Providing paper towel or napkins to dry hands
– Practising good cough and handwashing hygiene
– Informing HenderCare (before your service) if you are feeling unwell or believe that you have been exposed to or contracted the coronavirus
If you have any health concerns relating to the virus, it is crucial to seek out the advice of your GP and follow the medical advice specific to your circumstances. Mobile coronavirus testing stations are now set up across the country if this provides easier access.
Should you require further information, please refer to the below websites and information line. I also encourage you to click the button at the end of this email to access our coronavirus information brochure.
– The Australian Government Department of Health website (www.health.gov.au)
– National Coronavirus Health Information Line 1800 020 080
– Your regular GP
– For travel advice and warnings, Smart Traveller (www.smartraveller.gov.au)

Wishing you good health during these unusual times.

Yours sincerely
Amanda Blight
Chief Executive Officer I HenderCare

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