Don’t fall this Fall

  • 1 min

Autumn is a beautiful season, but it is also a period with many slip and trip hazards. Twigs and wet leaves on the ground can pose a risk to those who may be unsteady on their feet. 

HenderCare Physiotherapist, Maddy, recommends that if you have concerns about your balance, you can consult your GP or physio to implement a tailored Home Exercise Program. These programs may include strength-based exercises, mobility practice and/or balance exercises. 

“To improve your balance, it is important to challenge your balance in ways that may be outside your comfort zone. Doing these exercises with a physio can ensure that you stay safe while you work to improve your balance.”

For those with a garden, removing hazards regularly throughout autumn can also help reduce the chance of slips.

Our home & garden team members are experts in many tasks to help keep your property safe, including clearing leaves and twigs. Speak to a member of the HenderCare team on 1300 764 433 to find out more. 

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