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Psychosocial Support

Under the NDIS, a psychosocial disability is a term used to describe a disability that may arise from a mental health issue. At HenderCare, we provide psychosocial support to those living with a psychosocial disability to live a full and contributing life.

What Is Psychosocial Disability?

Psychosocial disability support is a relatively new field for NDIS support services. It is a support system that assists people with mental health issues to achieve more independence through social and economic participation in the community.

HenderCare uses a recovery-oriented framework that prioritises recovery as the end goal. If you are a participant in the program, you will be asked to choose a skilled recovery coach to work with you. They will coach you in recovery skills, connect you to mental illness support services and assist you with your recovery plan, with the ultimate goal of helping you live a meaningful life.  

Benefits of Psychosocial Recovery-Oriented Support

Our NDIS recovery coaches are the core support of our recovery-oriented framework. Learn more about the benefits of psychosocial support and how capacity skills coaching can help increase independence and resilience. 

Understanding the Psychosocial Recovery-Oriented Framework

We believe that recovery is possible for every person who requires psychosocial support, so we describe our process as recovery-oriented. It is the goal of our support services to ensure that the social disadvantage arising from mental health issues does not become persistent and permanent. We will supply you with as many hours of support per week as you need, for as long as you need it. We recognise that episodes of psychosocial disability may fluctuate and that you define your own personal recovery goals. Your informed decision-making is part of every stage of the recovery process. 

The recovery-oriented framework enables personal independence. It supports and enhances self-determination and enables social and economic participation in the community, so that you can live a meaningful life. 

Understanding How a Psychosocial Recovery Coach Can Help You

Our recovery coach meets with you regularly to coach capacity skills to better help you to overcome complex day to day challenges. Capacity skills include resilience, strength, motivation and decision making. These skills increase your capacity for living a fuller life. A recovery coach will spend time with you, help you to get support from mental health services, and assist you to develop a recovery plan. 

We recognise the importance of lived experience, so often our coaches will have trauma experience, or experience with their own psychosocial recovery from which to draw understanding.

You may prefer to choose a coach with lived experience of recovery and coaching training, or a coach with learned training but no lived experience. A coach will spend time with you, your carers, and the people most important to you to help you implement your recovery plan throughout your recovery journey.

Next steps

If you would like a member of our team to contact you to discuss psychosocial supports, please click here to complete our Contact Form, or call us on 1300 764 433.

Did you know?

HenderCare can also provide a range of NDIS services including home and community supports, therapy services and plan management. To find out more, contact us today by calling 1300 764 433 or email us at hello@hendercare.com.au.

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