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Our NDIS psychologists will work with you to help address any psychological, emotional or behavioural issues that might be impacting on your quality of life.

What HenderCare’s NDIS Psychologists Do

Our qualified NDIS psychologists assist with:

Building up your emotional resilience and promoting emotional wellbeing

We will provide you with counselling and strategies to help build your emotional resilience, as a way to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by certain situations. Greater emotional resilience can help to prevent negative health impacts. We’ll also look at strategies to increase your feelings of wellbeing to improve your mental health.

Individualised assessments and decision making for better health outcomes

Individualised assessments are confidential sessions to learn more about your specific situation.

We gather information and assess the way that you make decisions that have an impact on your health and wellbeing. The recommendations we offer will identify possible negative decision making habits and impacts, and help you to create a wellbeing roadmap that will assist you to achieve better outcomes.

Managing stress and learning coping mechanisms to deal with challenging situations

Understanding ways to manage stress is a key to defusing negative reactions under challenging circumstances. We can suggest useful strategies and coping mechanisms to help you to deal with stress and to modify your reactions when difficult situations arise. Reducing the impacts of stress may help with managing your moods and improving your interactions with the people around you.

It may also be better for your physical health. We believe that managing stress is an important step on the way to living a healthier life.

Benefits of Seeing a Psychologist

HenderCare’s NDIS psychologists are dedicated to helping our clients achieve improved mental health goals. We can assist with:

Offering empathy and support without judgement

Our psychologists offer a safe, neutral environment for our clients to privately discuss problems with a mental health professional without judgement. It can be helpful to talk to another person who will listen, offer emotional support, and suggest practical recommendations.

Analysing your situation from a fresh perspective and offering guidance

Talking with a psychologist might offer you a fresh new perspective on your situation that you may not have considered. They can look at your individual circumstances as a whole and work with you to develop tools and strategies to improve your awareness of your mood. These strategies aim to reduce the impact of negative emotions and guide you towards making better choices for your individual circumstances.

Encouraging you to try new experiences and create new goals

Talking to a psychologist can motivate you to expand your comfort zone. Your psychologist may suggest that you consider trying new experiences and help you to create rewarding new goals for the future. These can help encourage you to make positive changes to your life.

To speak with our psychologist about your needs today, please call 1300 764 433 or email alliedhealth@hendercare.com.au.

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