CPI Safety Intervention™ Foundation Training (formerly known as MAPA®)

Foundation Program Units 1 – 8 and 10

Course Description – What is CPI Safety Intervention™ Foundation Training

CPI Safety Intervention Foundation Training (formerly known as MAPA) is for those who must prevent and/or intervene in crisis situations. The programme focuses on prevention and teaches staff de-escalation skills and non-restrictive and restrictive interventions.

The programme gives you an effective framework for decision-making and problem-solving. You’ll leave the course equipped with the skills and confidence to champion a culture of Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security.

Certificates are typically valid for 3 years from the date of issue.

Key Features of the Training

Safety Intervention Foundation training incorporates trauma-informed and person-centred approaches. It is recommended for professionals who work in environments that require restrictive or physical intervention techniques. Participants will engage with seven modules and practical skills, including safety intervention and disengagement skills.

Essentially, we have taken the term MAPA, which was used to describe the full curriculum and divided it into two distinct programs:

  1. Verbal Intervention is the programme that enables you to teach all the CPI preventative approaches.
  2. Safety Intervention is the programme that enables you to teach all the CPI preventative interventions plus the disengagements and/or holding skills.


  • Free for HenderCare team members (log into Qintil to access the password for registration)

Dates and Registration (select location)

  • Adelaide, South Australia
  • Other locations contact the Learning and Development Team

Course Delivery and Assessment Requirements 

The training is delivered in person over the course of a day. Training consists of seven theory units and one practical unit. Each participant will be required to show the use of
physical disengagements during the practical unit.

This training course includes the following topics:

  • Module 1: Understanding Behaviour and Its Risk
  • Module 2: THE CPI Crisis Development Model
  • Module 3: Integrated Experience
  • Module 4: Supportive Communication Skills
  • Module 5: Responding to Defensive Behaviours
  • Module 6: Safety Interventions
  • Module 7: Post-Crisis
  • Safety Interventions: Disengagement skills and/or
  • Safety Interventions: Holding Skills

Entry Requirements 

Participants must work for HenderCare/HenderCare Foundation and have the physical capacity to perform the practical demonstrations.

Would you like more information? 

Please note that this course is available only to HenderCare and HenderCare Foundation staff.

If you are a HenderCare team member, please contact HenderCare’s Learning and Development Team on 08 7082 7031.

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