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Support Coordination

As a Registered NDIS Provider, HenderCare’s Support Coordination services can help activate your new NDIS Plan to ensure you get the most out of your supports.

Support Coordination

At HenderCare, we give you the supports and tools you need to connect with service providers and coordinate your informal, mainstream and funded supports.

We can make sure you receive the support you need to reach the goals you have set out in your plan.

Please note that Support Coordination is currently only available in South Australia. 

What can a HenderCare Support Coordinator do for you?

Support Coordination aims to connect you with services that align with your goals, strengthen your ability to coordinate your own supports and increase your independence. A Support Coordinator can help you:

•  Understand your NDIS Plan

• Identify services that will meet your unique needs

• Become more confident in talking and working with services providers

•  Make sure your services are being delivered as promised

Do I need Support Coordination? 

If your circumstances make it difficult for you to understand information and actively participate in meetings, you are lacking confidence or need support to make informed decisions, you may want to consider Support Coordination.

If you would like this service, remember to ask for it during your planning meeting. The NDIA will decide if you need Support Coordination, and at what level.

Why HenderCare?

HenderCare understands the NDIS can be overwhelming, so we want to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our experienced, trusted and dedicated support staff will work directly with you to make sure you are connected with the services and activities of your choice.

HenderCare offers flexibility to suit your needs and help build the future you want.

As a registered NDIS Provider, HenderCare’s Support Coordination services are independent and separate from our disability support services. We will always offer unbiased support and respect your decision to choose any provider.

Talk to us today about how we can help you activate your NDIS plan by calling 1300 764 443 or contact us online

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