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Every week the NDIS publishes a Q&A featuring questions from the public. These can be a great resource for people who are looking for more information about the NDIS. We've put together links to the NDIS Q&As for you here.


NDIS frequently asked questions

These links will take you to the NDIS website where you can read the questions and answers in detail:

NDIS Q&A 13 March 2018

Can provider's see a participant's plan? Is ongoing servicing and maintenance for Assistive Technology (AT) and equipment included in a plan? What does 'supervision' (as per price guide) of a therapy assistant for ECEI include for self-managed participants? How long before your plan finishes should you contact the NDIA for a planning meeting date? What happens if your condition isn't listed on the Operational Guidelins List B?

NDIS Q&A 5 March 2018

How can you access the myplace portal? Is Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) inclusive of the age 6? How does the NDIS categories a participant's primar disability? What to the accommodation registration groups on the "Find a provider" list on the NDIS website mean - is it so you can find affordable housing? How does the NDIS ensure disability in its hiring?

NDIS Q&A 26 February 2018

Why is the NDIS supporting Mardi Gras? Why is it called the National Disability 'Insurance' Scheme - I don't understand the use of the word insurance in this context? Will NDIS fund the difference in cost between private and group swimming lessons when your child is not able to cope in group lessons and needs 1:1 coaching because of their disability? What rate can support staff be paid, and is it negotiable? Are Occupational Therapists allowed to see a participant for 45 minutes each session then claim an additional 15 minutes for paperwork, and charge an hour in total? Does School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) always have to be Agency managed?

NDIS Q&A 19 February 2018

Your planning meeting for your 3 year old is coming up. What kinds of questions do you ask, and what can you do to prepare? How do you find out the hourly cap on service fees by suppliers? Is it possible to change a planning meeting date where the participant lives in a group home and all the participants in the house are scheduled to have their planning meetings on the same day? Where is Short Term Accommodation or respite funded in an NDIS plan? Can you use a support worker who has an ABN but is not registered with any organisation like Hire Up?

NDIS Q&A 12 February 2018

Can you use your NDIS funds to pay the gap for Medicare services? Is it correct that you have to use the 10 free Medicare psychologist sessions in the mental health plan your GP created for you before you can access your NDIS-funded supports to see a psychologist? Can you claim the gap from private health insurance for allied health services from your plan? Can you employ a family member as a support worker? How do you find a provider in your area?

NDIS Q&A 5 February 2018

What does it mean when you have $1 next to an item in your plan? As a participant, do you always have to sign a service agreement? Is there a rule to show your plan to the service provider (along with the funding information) when beginning with a provider or signing the agreement? Will small businesses who are NDIS providers need to go through Third Party Verification? What is the Guide to Suitability and why is it important for providers?

NDIS Q&A 29 January 2018

How does the process for purchasing Assistive Technology work? What kinds of things can be purchased with the Assistive Technologies budget? Where can you buy Assistive Technology items? Do you need to get a quote prior to purchasing Assistive Technology? What do you do with equipment funded by NDIS when you no longer need it?

NDIS Q&A 22 January 2018

A yoga instructor in your area is trained in trauma-informed therapies. NDIS sees the benefits of yoga for people with disabilities, and will the Scheme fund it? Where can you find who your LAC is? What is the NDIS doing to address the backlog of applications? What kind of things come under 'other government supports'? How can you get information from the NDIS in Braille? Can your provider see what's in your plan?

NDIS Q&A 12 January 2018

Is a parent of a minor child a guardian or nominee under the NDIS? What does 'stated supports' mean? If you have read and been told that core funding is flexible and you can use funds from one thing to another, does that mean if you have $1000 in consumables and $2000 in social participation that you can use $300 of consumables funding for social participation? What are the changes to the NDIS rollout in WA?

NDIS Q&A 5 January 2018 

How can you get an Access Request Form? Do you have to be under 65 to access the NDIS? Does Earyl Childhood Early Intervention funding last forever? What is a Local Area Coordinator (LAC)? How do you know what supports the NDIS will fund, and how much funding you'll get in your plan? When will your plan review happen? Are iPads approved in a plan in special circumstances, and if so, can you buy them first then get reimbursed? Why is your comment being hidden from the NDIS Facebook page?

NDIS Q&A 22 December 2017

You've just found out your child is eligible for the NDIS, what do you need to do next? Do WANDIS providers need to register separately with the NDIS? Can you claim the gap from private health insurance for allied health services? What is in-kind support and how can it impact a participant - in plain English?

NDIS Q&A 18 December 2017

For WA participants, why might you be having trouble finding yourself on the NDIS rollout map? What do you need to bring to your planning meeting? Can you get NDIS funding it you have a TAC or MAC payout? How can you find out the hourly cap on service feed by service providers? Does Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) funding last forever? What happens to NDIS participants who are in year 12 and finishing school?

NDIS Q&A 11 December 2017

Does applying for the NDIS mean you lose your Disability Support Pension (DSP)? Can you employ a support worker to help a person with disability with parental duties? Is there any work currently being done to address the face that there is a significant shortfall of delegates who are allocated to read OT recommendations for equipment? If a participant has funding for Assistance with Daily Living (ADL) only, can they use this to purchase a weighted blanket if it is a reasonable and necessary support for them?  

NDIS Q&A 1 December 2017

Does the NDIA support the Companion Card program? If you are self-managing and directly employing our own support workers (not through an agency), do you need to take out public liability insurance? What is classified as Supported Independent Living and what is regarded as Assistance with Daily Life in core supports? How do we go about submitting an Assistive Technology (AT) request for Proloquo2go? 

NDIS Q&A 24 November 2017

Do participants sometimes stop receiving NDIS funding after a review? Does your GP automatically get a copy of your NDIS plan? How will the NDIA get in touch with you when the NDIS starts rolling out in your area? The current NDIS Service Provider list on the NDIS website doesn't show every provider, will this be improved?

NDIS Q&A 17 November 2017

What is the purpose of a participant's statement of goals and aspirations? How can you check that forms and emails you send in to the NDIS have actually been received? What kinds of things can you buy with Assistive Technology funding? Do Centrelink and the NDIS use two different systems of diagnosis?

NDIS Q&A 10 November 2017

Is it possible to have the same planner every year for your review? If your funds are managed by the NDIS do you still need a bank account? If you are self-managed can you use a Support Coordinator? Once you are accepted in to the NDIS, are you on it for life or can you exit the scheme?

NDIS Q&A 3 November 2017

What's the difference between a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) and a planner? Once you've been accepted in to the NDIS, how long will it be before you'll be contacted to set up your plan?  How do you upload documents to the NDIS myplace participant portal? Does the NDIS cancel out the Carers Payment and Pension? If you're self-managing, where do the funds for a worker's compensation or public liability insurance policy come from, and can you claim it from 'daily living' expenses? What can you do if you have a problem wiht a provider?

NDIS Q&A 27 October 2017

Is there a time limit on how long a planning process is allowed to take? If you take your support worker on holidays with you will the NDIS only cover hours worked, or can you claim towards cost of airfares, accommodation and meals? How do you claim wages back after you have paid your employee when you self-manage your plan and directly engage your own staff. You've been given a website link to provide feedback about my NDIS experience - is this real?

NDIS Q&A 20 October 2017

Are there are people with disability on selection panels for NDIA jobs in all states? If you are an NDIS participant can you also be a provider as well? Can you use two service providers that provide the same service? Regarding plan reviews – I have been advised to make sure I complete this before the 12 month mark otherwise funding will stop. Is this correct? If you want to work with the NDIA, how can you apply?

NDIS Q&A 13 October 2017

What happens if your needs change after your planning meeting? I won’t be able to access the NDIS in my area for another 12 months. Can I claim a reimbursement from the NDIS if I have vehicle modifications now? When your plan is due to expire, will the NDIS ring me or do you need to contact them? Is your Core Budget funding flexible? Where can carers go for support?

NDIS Q&A 6 October 2017

Can you claim respite care for your child? Can a young adult who is in year 12 get any support without finding a job? If you are close to running out of funds in your plan, how long to unscheduled reviews take? If you're signing a service agreement with a provider, can you negotiate the service agreement and how can you be sure that the agreement will help you meet the goals in your plan?

NDIS Q&A 28 September 2017

How do you find a Support Coordinator? If your child's assistive technology has broken, how do you get it fixed? Can you purchase apps using your NDIS funding? Does the money for plan management come out of your child's allocated funding, or is it added to the funding? When you transition to the NDIS, do you lose your Centrelink Mobility Allowance?

NDIS Q&A 22 September 2017

What are consumables under the NDIS? How long does it take to be approved for access to the NDIS? Will the NDIS fund an integration aide at an independent school?

NDIS Q&A 15 September 2017

Five key questions about Assistive Technology under the NDIS. Can you claim Medicare and health fund rebates for services funded by the NDIS? If you are self-managed do you need to set up a separate bank account for the funds?

NDIS Q&A 8 September 2017

If you're ready to start your plan, who can help? Some helpful tips about Local Area Coordinators (LACs), Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) partners and Support Coordinators. Are anxiety and depression covered by the NDIS? If the NDIS ask for evidence of disability, do you need to get new reports, or can you use old ones?

NDIS Q&A 1 September 2017

What is the difference between plan-managed and self-managed? How does the NDIS work out how much money each participant gets in their plan? How does payment of invoices work when you are self-managed?

NDIS Q&A 25 August 2017

Can the NDIS help you go to a concert? If you ask for a review of your plan, can you continue to use the funds from the plan you currently have? What happens to your Centrelink Mobility Allowance when you move to an NDIS plan?

NDIS Q&A 18 August 2017

How can School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES) help young people with a disability in year 12? What support is available to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and how can Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) help? Will the NDIS fund a gym membership, and why are people receiving phone calls from Australian Health Care Associates?

NDIS Q&A 11 August 2017

Once you've been accepted as an NDIS participant, are you on it for life? What happens if your NDIS funds run out sooner than planned, and why is the NDIA writing to people about offsetting advance payments?

NDIS Q&A 4 August 2017

Explaining the role of a LAC (Local Area Coordinator), does the NDIS cover mental illness and a helpful tip about opening a separate bank account to deal with NDIS funding.

NDIS Q&A 28 July 2017

Is the NDIS needs-based, or diagnosis-based? What can core funding be used for? And a couple of questions about autism in children; weighted blankets and behavioural issues.

NDIS Q&A 21 July 2017 

Tips on how to get NDIS-ready, the difference between the NDIS and the NDIA, and why some NDIS plans seem inconsistent when it comes to therapy like physio and OT.

NDIS Q&A 14 July 2017

NDIS prices went up, will plans be increased too? Advice on how your relationship with your Early Childhood Planner should work, and whether or not planners need to have disability experience.

NDIS Q&A 7 July 2017

Is the NDIS sending out SMS/text messages and is this a scam? Also featuring an interesting question about the length of time from being accepted as an NDIS participant and your first planning meeting.

NDIS Q&A 30 June 2017

What are self-managed participants responsible for when it comes to legal obligations? Information on what to do if your circumstances change and you need to access new supports immediately, and how the NDIS is helping deliver SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation).

NDIS Q&A 23 June 2017

What's the difference between plan-managed and self-managed? What to do when your preferred provider isn't NDIS-registered, and what to do if your request for a review has been rejected.

NDIS Q&A 16 June 2017

How to manage problems uploading documents to the NDIS portal, can an NDIS plan cover ASD swimming lessons, and are participants able to use funding to buy ipads?

NDIS Q&A 9 June 2017

 Why all NDIS plans are different, can study be funded as part of an NDIS goal, and information about the SLES (School Leaver Employment Support) initiative.

NDIS Q&A 2 June 2017

Who can be a nominee for an NDIS participant, how you can request an in-person planning meeting and where you can access Easy English information about the NDIS.

NDIS Q&A 26 May 2017

A helpful explanation of the difference between Core budget, Capital budget and Capacity Building budget, and whether or not you need to get quotes for assistive technology before your NDIS planning meeting.

NDIS Q&A 19 May 2017

Will the NDIS impact on someone's Disability Support Pension? And some questions about the process to get bathroom modifications, and who owns the assistive technology equipment purchased using your NDIS budget.

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