World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

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June 15 was World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – a day recognised by the United Nations General Assembly.

The day recognises the rights and need for advocacy of older people in our local communities, and ensuring those individuals are protected from any abuse of any kind.

OPAN (Older Persons Advocacy Network) established a National Elder Abuse Prevention and Advocacy Framework in 2018 to assist older Australians and the broader community with better identifying types of abuse.

As part part of the framework, they list different categories of abuse, these being:

  • Financial (e.g. preventing them from accessing their own money/bank account)
  • Physical (e.g. hitting or use of restraints)
  • Emotional (e.g. intimidation and humiliation)
  • Sexual (e.g.  forcing the older person to engage in unwanted sexual behaviours)
  • Social (e.g. social isolation from family and friends)
  • Neglect (e.g. failure to provide necessities such as adequate food)

(Examples above provided by Better Health Victoria)

At HenderCare, we recognise the responsibility of supporting and protecting the older members in our communities and in our care and ensuring their rights are upheld and listened to.

Elder abuse is not to be tolerated in any circumstances and it is so important we are all aware of what can be considered abuse and how to ensure it is prevented from occurring.

If you are concerned for a loved one, or you are an aged care worker and have concerns for a service recipient, you can contact the Older Person’s Advocacy Network (OPAN) on 1800 700 600. OPAN is able to provide advice and assist in letting you know whether something may be considered abuse or not, and direct you from there.

Or contact your State or Territory elder abuse helplines:
ACT – Older Persons Abuse Prevention Referral Line – (02) 6205 3535
NSW – NSW Elder Abuse Helpline – 1800 628 221
NT – Elder Abuse Information Line – 1800 037 072
QLD – Elder Abuse Prevention Unit – 1300 651 192
SA – Aged Rights Advocacy Service- 08 8232 5377
Elder Abuse Prevention Phone Line – 1800 372 310
TAS – Tasmanian Elder Abuse Helpline – 1800 441 169
VIC – Seniors Rights Victoria – 1300 368 821
WA – Elder Abuse Helpline – 1300 724 679

Any suspected abuse must also be reported to your Service Delivery & Rostering Officer and recorded in ionMy.

If it is serious physical or sexual abuse, call Triple 000.

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