What are reasonable and necessary supports?

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A common question from participants in the NDIS is how does a provider decide what are reasonable and necessary supports in a plan?

When creating an NDIS plan, there are a number of factors to consider but something that is crucial is understanding and focusing on what the participant needs to get the most out of their plan and what resources can be provided to suit their individual circumstances.

The NDIS covers a range of areas of a participant’s life including their social involvements, living arrangements, employment and health and wellbeing.

The supports and services provided for the participant are then specified as reasonable and necessary if match up with a number of factors.

Click the video below to hear the factors considered, including the relation of the service to the participant’s disability and ensuring the services provide the best value for money.

An NDIS plan is different each time, depending on the participant, including:

  • Their community involvement
  • Their interests/passions
  • Family/carer support
  • Any limitations related to their disability
  • Daily supports and what level they may require
  • What they are looking to achieve (e.g. goals/aspirations)

Some participants may want to be heavily involved in each step of their NDIS planning process and others may not. This is why it is so important to understand what an NDIS plan does involve, to know what can be supported and provided.

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