Therapy Thursdays: The (secret reading) treasure hunt

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Welcome to Therapy Thursdays!

Each fortnight we will be speaking to a member of our allied health team and sharing an activity/exercise that can be done at home, primarily with a focus on the development of children.

The first one is from one of our speech pathologists, Sam, who was keen to share this at-home treasure hunt with an added fantastic educational benefit.

(You could try this one over the Easter break!)

This activity is not just a fun way to entertain the kids around the house but also provides an opportunity to strengthen their reading skills and independence, encouraging them to think on their feet.

Below our speech pathologist, Sam, explains how an exercise like this can be effective for children in their early years.

Children experience the most success in reading when school and home work together. Children learn about the importance of reading as they watch family members use reading and writing for everyday purposes. Reading for pleasure, sharing a story with your child, using a recipe or reading street signs teaches them that reading is a useful skill in today’s world. Research shows that reading on a daily basis is vital for developing use and understanding of vocabulary, and is the biggest predictor of success at school.

Just remember mums, dads or carers to ensure that you supervise your child at all times during this treasure hunt!

The (secret reading) treasure hunt

Using the following six clues, set up a simple treasure hunt in your home for your child.

Think of a small type of reward for them to find at the end of the hunt.

Obviously, the first clue will be given to your reader to begin the hunt. Allow them to read each clue for themselves, unless they need a little help.

Clue #1

Let the fun begin! Go to the place where dishes become clean and look inside.

Clue #2

I am warm, comfortable, and soft and you spend a lot of time in me at night. Look under me.

Clue #3

You are halfway there, only a few more clues until you find your treasure! Sometimes we need to clean up. Go to the place where you can get wet and soapy at the same time.

Clue #4

When your family gets hungry, everyone goes here to enjoy a meal together. Go to your spot and look underneath.

Clue #5

Only one more clue to find and you will receive your reward! Go to the place where clothes are made clean. There is something peeking under it.

We’d love to hear how you go with this activity! Be sure to share your experience with us via!


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