Therapy Thursday: Stretching the spine

  • 2 mins

Another Therapy Thursday and another important area to focus on – our spine (and in particular, our posture)!

With so many of us heading back into offices now, we can be forgiven for forgetting to take care of our backs and our posture when we are sitting down at desks all day.

Every day many of us spend a lot of time in a seated flexed position. While we are sitting, it is unlikely that many of us think about our posture or the potential impacts to out spinal health.

We can all do more to help take care of our spinal health but learning a few basic exercises, can be a great start.

HenderCare Physiotherapist, Varisha, provided a few quick tips to help protect and improve your posture:

“A simple tip would be to take a standing break (take a walk around the office or stand up and do some stretches) every 1 hour for about 5 minutes.”

There are a number of stretches that we can all do to make more of a conscious effort in taking care of our backs and help to strengthen them further.

The stretches that are easy to do (specific for spinal and pelvic mobility) are:

  • Open book stretch (one of my favourites – good for upper back and neck issues)
  • Upper trapezius stretch
  • Cat/Cow stretch
  • Child’s pose.

It’s so important we engage in regular exercise, not only for the ample physical benefits (helping to maintain cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and build muscle and bone strength) but because it is also an amazing mood booster and can help maintain/improve mental wellbeing.

For personalised advice to help improve your posture, please call HenderCare on 1300 764 433.

We remind everyone that the advice above is of a general nature and you should always seek advice from your GP or allied health professional before starting an exercise routine. 

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