Therapy Thursday- ‘Social Builders’ Therapy Group

  • 2 mins

Did you know?

HenderCare is very excited to now be offering two new school holiday programs run by our experienced allied health therapists, ‘Social Butterflies’ and ‘Social Builders’.

This Therapy Thursday we wanted to focus on the ‘Social Builders’ program and what it can offer for children when it comes to social development.

‘Social Builders’ is a group session, running for 1 hour and 15 minutes, working on social, language and fine motor skills.

The group is set up for children aged 5-12 years and is split into groups of 3 with groups of 5-8 years old and other groups of 9-12-year-olds.

The program is designed to facilitate a positive and friendly environment where children can develop their social, language and fine motor skills through the tool of Lego building.

Participants are given a role and encouraged to work together in building two Lego models. Once they complete these models, they are tasked with creating their own Lego masterpieces.

The benefits of ‘Social Builders’ allows for participants to improve their social interaction and negotiation skills whilst also understanding what it means to have patience with others, share and ask questions and overall become more engaged in group settings.

The sessions do require some prerequisites to benefit those best-suited. These are as follows:

  • ASD diagnosis, mild ID diagnosis, Language disorder, and/or difficulty with social skills
  • Able to communicate either verbally or with AAC.
  • Able to attend to and follow basic instructions

Must complete pre-screening prior to attending the group.

The groups will be evaluated during the sessions with a measure of skills as well as parent evaluations.

The program will run at Reynella Southgate Plaza and it is a free event, however, registration is required.

Click here to register your interest.

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