Therapy Thursday- Mother’s Day edition

  • 2 mins

This Therapy Thursday is a little different and not just because we’ve moved it to a Sunday.

This Therapy ThurSUNday (see what we did there?), we want to celebrate mum’s and amazing caregivers!

HenderCare Occupational Therapist, Nihalee, was keen to share a fun activity that works on areas such as hand-eye coordination, hand strength and bilateral coordination, all while making a thoughtful gift for the special women in our lives.

Make a Mother’s Day tea-riffic card!

You’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Tape
  • Teabag
  • Sticker/flower/something to stick to the tea bag’s tag
  • Markers/crayons


  1. Grab a piece of paper or cardstock for the card.  Fold it in half.  Next, use your mum’s favourite tea and use however many tea bags you want to put on the card.
  2. Pull the tea out of the wrapper (if in a packet) and stretch out the string.
  3. Then, you can decorate the paper tab with a sticker, or by colouring on the paper label. Other ideas include creating a paper flower and gluing it on the paper or using a foam sticky flower.
  4. Tape the tea bag and the tag to the front of the card with tape and write a fun message with the words, “MUM You are TEA-Riffic” to the front.  Done!
  5. Work on handwriting by having the kiddie add a message to the inside of the card.   You can glue lined paper to the inside to provide visual cues for spacing and line awareness.

What it works on:

The activity works on many different skills such as eye-hand coordination, precision (managing tape, peeling stickers), hand strength (folding and creasing paper), handwriting, bilateral Coordination (folding paper, sticking stickers) and scissor skills.

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