Swallowing Awareness Day 2021

  • 2 mins

This week we are acknowledging Swallowing Awareness Day by Speech Pathology Australia.

The day focuses on the swallowing condition of Dsyphagia, where people who suffer with the condition may experience symptoms including, difficulty with sucking, swallowing, drinking, chewing, eating, or protecting the lungs from food and drink.

This year’s theme is Dysphagia: A difficult diagnosis to swallow.

Up to a million Australians can suffer with the condition and it can have a significant impact on their day to day lives.

Leading up to Swallowing Awareness Day, we sat down with HenderCare speech pathologist, Sam Beinssen, who talked to us all about why recognising the condition of Dsyphagia is so important and how people can protect themselves from difficulties with swallowing and other areas of eating and digestion.

“It’s really important that people are observing and taking notice of their their eating, drinking and swallowing habits. This will help to ensure they stay attuned to the difficulties that are being experienced because early recognition of Dysphagia is so important.

Swallowing problems can have a massive impact on people’s quality of life because not being able to eat and drink the things you like can be really difficult.”

The HenderCare speech pathology team can work with those suffering with Dsyphagia and work with you on building on your goals around safe and enjoyable mealtimes, also working alongside other members of the allied health team if needed to work on all areas of your general health, including physiotherapy and dietetics.

To find out more about our speech pathologists and what services they are able to provide you or your loved one, follow the link below:

Speech Pathology – HenderCare

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