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Support Coordination: Getting to know the client

  • 1 min

Last month we spoke with HenderCare Support Coordinator Linda, about what support coordination is all about and how it can help those navigating their NDIS plan.

This month, we wanted to help explain this further and to assist in this, HenderCare’s Acting Support Coordination Manager, Mariam, provided us with three main questions she would ask a client when first meeting with them.

  • 1. What services are you

*This question is asked to ensure the client is provided with the right support and care that they require.

  • 2. – Can you tell me a bit about
    yourself and what are your main needs?

*An obvious one but getting to know what the client may be interested in, any hobbies they have, along with their individual needs, means services are personalised in a way that the client will feel listened to and understood.

  • What are the goals you are wanting to achieve with your NDIS plan?

*This question allows the Support Coordinator to be able to best support each client throughout their services, and make any adjustments necessary, to meet these targets.

“We ask some of these questions to get a better understanding of what the clients needs are and to ensure they have the right services to meet their goals.

Each client is unique, so what might work for one client might not be the same for another client.

I love getting to know my clients and watching them achieve all the goals they are capable of.”

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