Speech Pathology Week 2021: Communication is everyone’s right

  • 2 mins

Today we want to celebrate the start of Speech Pathology Week, focusing on this year’s theme: Communication is everyone’s right.

Often communication is thought of as ‘talking’, but there are a number of other situations in our day to day lives where we communicate in other forms.

These include:

  • Expressing feelings
  • Helping us understand communications- e.g. books, sign language, body language
  • Ensuring we are included in social interactions
  • Having access to information
  • Learning about ourselves

More of these examples above can be found in the diagram in the Communication Bill of Rights, click here to view.

To help celebrate the theme of Speech Pathology Week, HenderCare speech pathologist Peich, talked to us about the importance of recognising communication in it’s different forms and how assisting those living with communication difficulties can make such an impact on their confidence and independence.

“As HenderCare speech pathologists, we help people to communicate in a wide range of ways, including people who have unclear speech, difficulty with finding the right word, difficulty with their voice, and exploring/using alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) systems to express themselves (e.g. communication books, devices, Key Word Signing, etc.)

We also look at increasing the understanding of the people who support someone with communication difficulties, especially those who don’t use speech or are only learning to communicate (emerging communicators). We can help to create communication profiles and dictionaries that help other people understand how best to communicate with the person and how to support the development of their communication skills.”

If you would like more information on speech pathology services available at HenderCare, please give a member of the team a call on 1300 764 433 or visit Speech Pathology – HenderCare.

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