Sensory Play Idea #4

  • 1 min

Looking for a fun sensory game to play with your kids while the weather is cold outside? Welcome to the Sense of Smell Game!

What is it? 

The Sense of Smell Game involves a range of different food items/ingredients arranged into different cups or bowls and someone blindfolded, to prevent them easily picking out what they are smelling.

How do you play?

The individual is blindfolded and each cup or bowl is placed in front of them, and they can then smell each one and write down or say what they think they are smelling.

It could be something like delicious chocolate biscuits!

To check out the full description of the activity, click the link below:

Exploring the Sense of Smell with a Game ~ Learn Play Imagine

We love seeing such creative ways that we can test and strengthen our senses, particularly for those with sensory processing disorder.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next sensory play idea!

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