Project AlayaCare Updates

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To help improve operational efficiencies, HenderCare is working towards implementing a new software system called AlayaCare.

This page contains a list of all updates sent out regarding the project for your reference.

Thank you to all team members for your assistance with the project.

Update 25 May 2021

We have now officially reached Stage #3 Discover & Build (can we get a WOot woOT!).

Key achievements since our last update include:

– AlayaCare has now been provided data to populate HenderCare’s funders, service codes and bill codes, with software build and custom configuration now well underway
– Configuration in progress with Sage MicrOpay (new payroll system for our field workers)
– Ongoing system requirements gathering with Tambla (our award interpreter for our field workers)
– HenderCare’s Process Improvement Working Group (HCPIwg) met last week: Zoho has been chosen as the sole application for managing requests for services moving forward. Zoho will be rolled out to all states post the development of specific training material

The next steps for the project are:

– AlayaCare solution walkthrough
– Zoho training material to assist with the process of managing service requests
– User Acceptance Training (UAT) of HenderCare’s AlayaCare solution against the business requirements

Update 10 May 2021

Where are we now?

In this update, we are edging closer to reaching Stage #3 Discover & Build.

Key achievements since our last update include:

– Decision made for a multi-office environment, which considers billing and payroll needs and will allow each state greater visibility into their state’s data and help inform operational decisions
– Meetings held to confirm back-end integrations with AlayaCare for payroll and billing
– Established the HenderCare Process Improvement Working Group (HCPIwg) who will work together to implement improvements across the business for both our current state and the future-state implementation of AlayaCare

What’s next?

The next steps for the project are:

– User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of HenderCare’s AlayaCare solution against the business requirements
– Providing a solution walkthrough with representatives from each business division of the functionality applicable to them

Update 23 April 2021

A welcome message from Amanda Blight

As everyone would know we have commenced our implementation of AlayaCare.  This new software will assist HenderCare in providing the best care to clients and will optimise our operations, making it easier for us all to do our jobs!

I am requesting that everyone commits to the implementation process and that you play an active a part in the implementation that is asked of you.

There are a number of specific roles that some people will be assigned to along the way, from Subject Matter Expert (SME) to Power User and User Acceptance Tester (UAT). Others will be asked to trial the new system in a testing environment and to assist with data cleansing. Everyone will be involved in training, either in receiving or giving.

To assist in the data cleansing, over the next month we are going to improve the current booking data in Allocations, ensuring all bookings in the system are accurate moving forward. Rebecca Thompson, our new Senior Business Analyst, and Diana Coyle will be working with Service Delivery & Rostering Officer and Payroll teams in undertaking a root cause analysis. They will then develop solutions and, most importantly, new processes that will need to be strictly adhered to by all those involved in entering bookings on the system. With accurate data on Allocations, we will be able to use the Allocations App in allocating shifts, which will greatly improve shift filling efficiencies and will get us ready to utilise App functionality in AlayaCare. The combination of data cleansing, a new system and redesigned processes will allow us to ultimately stop what we know as “comebacks”.

Although we are not yet committing to a date for Project AlayaCare GEAR UP & GO LIVE, I am fully expecting this to occur before the hot weather starts again this year!

Where are we now?

With so much happening with Project AlayaCare, we aim to keep you updated with successes and next steps, so keep an eye on your inbox for our upcoming fortnightly updates. Please take a minute to read all the updates provided as this project is relevant to every HenderCare team member.

What’s been happening?
In short… a lot! Since kicking the project off in mid-2020, our project team, led by Diana Coyle, has been working feverishly behind the scenes to get things moving. We are happy to share in our first update that the project is getting close to entering Stage 3 – Discover & Build (look for our ‘We are here‘ arrow and pin in the graphic at the top of this email).

Over the lifetime of the project, the following five stages will be covered:

 – Stage #1 Engage: The part of the project where we review product solutions with various vendors and select the one who can best suit our needs (as this email suggests, AlayaCare came out on top!), Statement of Work (SOW) developed and project milestones established

Stage #2 Initiate & Plan: Here we finalise the Project Plan and SOW. Engage stakeholders and get this project scheduled out.

Stage #3 Discover & Build: In Stage #3, we will hold discovery workshops and consult Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to assist AlayaCare in configuring our custom solution.

Stage #4 Train & Test: This stage involves Data Migration, training of our Power Users and User Acceptance Testing (UAT). There is also a great deal more that will occur in this stage but we will keep you informed as this rolls out.

Stage #5 Gear Up & Go Live: End-user training (internal staff and field workers), production set up, go-live and…*insert trumpet sound here*… project closure!

What’s next?

As we enter Stage #3 Discover & Build, we are continuing to work with AlayaCare to configure the software to meet our requirements.  During this stage, you may be called upon to assist, so please look out for updates via Teams or email.

Any questions or feedback?
Project AlayaCare is a project for every team member. If you have questions or feedback, we want to hear from you. The Project team want to ensure that the system developed is fit for purpose, so if there is something you can suggest to improve our future system, please let us know and email

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