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Plan Management: Our chat with Yvette Elson

  • 3 mins

Navigating the NDIS can be overwhelming for many families and individuals.

At HenderCare, our plan management team can support you in managing your NDIS funding and they will work with you, your chosen provider(s) and the NDIA to find the best for you.

Recently we sat down with HenderCare’s plan management manager Yvette Elson, to learn more about how the services assist NDIS participants in their day to day lives.

What is the most important question to ask when first sitting down with an NDIS client?

When we first meet with an NDIS participant, these are the main questions we focus on to get the best picture of the individual and what they are after with their plan:

  • Is this your first plan?
  • Do you understand your plan, jargon etc. and the type of funding you’ve received?
  • Do you know how you’re going to achieve your goals with the funding you’ve received?

What are the specific ways that having plan management in their NDIS plan can help participants in their everyday lives?

  • There’s no cost to you
  • Prompt payments
  • Freedom of choice and control of service providers
  • We’re NDIS experts with extensive accounting experience
  • We provide real-time budget updates
  • We’re safe and secure
  • Less paperwork and worry
  • We give you the freedom to focus on achieving your goals

Can you tell me what the common thread (if there is one) is between all NDIS participants that you speak to when working through their NDIS plans?

A common question we often get from participants is “What can I spend my NDIS funds on and what services come out of which budget category?”. This is linked to another question we often hear from people, which is “do I have enough funding for the services I need?”.

These questions are incredibly important, to ensure participants understand what is included in their plan and how services are organised to fit into their plan.

Other common questions include:

  • Can I change my supports if I’m not happy?
  • Can I use any provider I like?

It is crucial for participants to be vocal in what they are after with their NDIS plan and if circumstances change, that they know we are there to support them to another provider or change their support.

What can plan management services offer an NDIS participant that they may not receive/are different to what they receive in another management type?

  • Freedom of choice – When a participant is plan managed, they can choose the support they want from any service provider – not just NDIS-registered providers


  • A team of experts – We have years of experience and are fully up to date in all things NDIS to proactively support you to get the most out of your funds


  • Support with your spending – Monthly budget reports and access to real-time budget information


How important is it for an NDIS participant to have a thorough understanding of what they are receiving in their NDIS plan?

It is extremely important that participants are fully aware of what is included in their plan, to understand exactly where their funding is distributed and why.

Participants don’t want to risk under or overspending on their NDIS plan.

Overspending leaves the participant (or nominee) liable for the difference in funding given by the NDIS and what services have been provided.

We work with you and your providers to get the most out of your NDIS budget to achieve your goals.

We are here to help you manage your spending and support you in accessing the services you’re entitled to.

Don’t risk under or overspending. Our experts are here to support and guide you.


If you are interested in Plan Management services for yourself or a family member, please click here to complete our Contact Form, or call us on 1300 467 120.

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