Mother’s Day: What it means to me

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This Mother’s Day we wanted to look at what the day means to women at two very different stages of life and motherhood.

We sat down with HenderCare COO Emily Welyhorskyj and HenderCare client and great-grandmother, Val and asked them what Mother’s Day means to them.

Celebrating her second Mother’s Day this year, Emily is excited to also be celebrating her daughter’s birthday the day before.

Asking Emily what the day means to her, as a busy working mum of a toddler, she reflected on her experiences as both a mum and a daughter.

“I expect it will change over the years.  As a child, it meant creating a handwritten card with glitter and the odd frog mouth. As a mother of a young child, it currently means going on attending to the needs of my little one. I am well informed (by my better half) that my almost two year old has purchased me something that she thinks I need in my day to day life.  Last year, she thought I needed a hedge trimmer.”

When asked what becoming a mum meant to her, Emily happily acknowledged that becoming a parent is life-changing.

“It is unexpected and unpredictable and it is by far the best thing I have ever done.”

Speaking with HenderCare Home Care Package client Val, she similarly said, “I couldn’t wait to be a mother and I couldn’t wait to be a great-grandmother. I’ve got children living in different states and I miss them a lot so I’m very lucky my eldest son is coming to visit this Mother’s Day.”

Val incredibly is a grandmother of 9 and a great-grandmother of 7.

When asking her the question, what does Mother’s Day mean to you, she simply stated:

 “Mother’s Day means everything to me.”

“I’ve kept cards from my children from when they were little and I am getting some lovely phone calls from my children, grand-children and great-grandchildren this Sunday.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and mother figures, we celebrate you and all that you do today.


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