Meet the team: Petrina

  • 2 mins

What is your role at HenderCare?

Currently, my role within HenderCare is as an Intake & Engagement Officer for NDIS clients. I  am also employed as a registered nurse.

When did you start with HenderCare?

This is actually my second time around working for HenderCare.

The first time I worked for HenderCare was when I was an international student in University in 2012 (whilst doing my bridging course). In that time I worked for Hendercare as a PCA in the hospitals and eventually when I got my registration, I worked for HenderCare as a registered nurse in the hospitals.

I came back to HenderCare as a full-time employee in 2019 after the birth of my first child as an after-hours coordinator.

How did you get into your role/what inspired you to get into this industry?

Getting into nursing and the disability sector were all flukes that turned out to be the best things for me. Nursing was actually my 11th choice of study when I finished permanent schooling in Singapore where competition to get into tertiary education that year was tough, it was never something that I thought I would like but I tried it and I loved it.

I started working with people with quadriplegia in 2014 and really enjoyed working with people with disabilities; it fascinated me how people could adapt their entire lives and some of my clients were nothing short of inspiring. When I found out that we were looking to expand into the disability sector, I asked Jon if he would consider me for the role.

What is something you really enjoy doing on the weekend?

It would definitely be spending time with my children and family… and maybe having nanna naps.

And do you have a favourite movie/song?

I listen to a pretty eclectic variety of music that varies from country to mandopop from 15 years ago.

I have many favourite movies but if I had to pick one, then it would definitely be Me Before You.

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