Meet The Team: Jill Wong

  • 2 mins

Starting with HenderCare in 2019, Jill Wong has played an important role in helping to improve our Quality and Safety department. A vital department for the organisation, Jill has implemented a number of operational efficiencies during her time at HenderCare; efficiencies that have helped to safeguard both our service recipients and the organisation itself as we have further expanded our services.

We sat down with Jill this month in a short Q&A to learn more about her role at HenderCare and some of her favourite things to do outside of the office.

Check out our chat below:

Can you describe your role at HenderCare (1-2 sentences)?

As the Governance, Risk and Compliance Manager, I manage the systems and processes we utilize in HenderCare to ensure that we are compliant with all legislation, standards and contractual obligations.

The goal is for us to provide better care, earlier intervention and faster response times to service recipients through more streamlined and efficient processes that help everyone do their jobs better.

How long have you worked at HenderCare?

Since 3 Dec 2019.

What is something you enjoy the most about your role (1-2 sentences)?

It might sound weird, but I love finding messes. Because that means I can get right into it, and create something that soothes my perfectionism. I love that this is a role where I can always find room for improvement.

What is something you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I’m a gamer when I’m not working. My current passion revolves around board games, and I organize board game events all over Adelaide. In fact, one of them happens right across from the office every week on a Monday night! I’m also a cat mum, so if you need a 5 minute break, come find me for some cat videos.

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