Meet The Team: Diana Coyle

  • 3 mins

Meet Diana, HenderCare’s Digital Transformation Manager- ICT Services.

We recently spoke with Diana about her role at HenderCare and what she enjoys doing outside of work.

1.When did you start at HenderCare?
January 2020

2. Can you tell me how you got into your role?

I started on a 6-month contract as a Business Analyst with Hender Consulting assisting with the implementation of a new system to replace Allocations. When COVID happened, the focus quickly shifted to enabling staff to perform their duties from home, so I moved to HenderCare to work on Paperless Payroll amongst other high priority projects.

After successful completion of the COVID-driven work, I am now the Digital Transformation Manager, overseeing the implementation of AlayaCare (Allocations Online replacement) along with other ICT transformations and improvements.

3.  What is the most fulfilling part of your role?

One of the most fulfilling and enjoyable parts of my role is identifying and investigating issues and being part of the solution that makes a real positive change to HenderCare. It is rewarding to see how a change I have been involved in has made a difference for the better in the way people work and interact with each other.

4. What is one of the highlights of your role so far?

Completing the implementation of projects like Paperless Payroll App, Sage ESS, EntireHR upgrade and Flexipurchase, and being part of the exciting digital changes to HenderCare like AlayaCare that will assist in ensuring our systems support our rapidly growing organisation.

5. What is something you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, we do not really have much free time. I have three kids, Liam (15), Noah (14) and Olivia (11). Also, my husband and I come from BIG families – I’m one of five and my husband is one of four, so our weekends are taken up at one of my fourteen nieces or nephews’ birthday parties, taxiing my three kids to 6 basketball games over the weekend, cleaning up after our new puppy, Dasha, and cheering ineffectually at Crows games.

6. What is something you are looking forward to at HenderCare?

The implementation of AlayaCare later this year will be an amazing accomplishment as it involves significant change to most departments in HenderCare and includes an App for our Field Workers. Our Digital Transformation and IT team is growing with the addition of our Senior Business Analyst, Rebecca Thompson, and an Application Analyst (when that role is filled) who will help support our current and future systems. The Level 4 rennos and, oh, of course all the planned ICT improvements and transformations to come.

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