Meet HenderCare’s Lifeblood Champion 🩸

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We’re thrilled to introduce Paige, a HenderCare Speech Pathologist and our Lifeblood Champion, whose energy and dedication to saving lives through blood donation is truly inspiring.

We thought it was a great opportunity to talk to Paige about what drove her to donate blood and what keeps her returning this National Blood Donor Day.

What inspired you to start giving blood/become a lifeblood champion?

Paige: My parents have always been blood donors and advocates. They encouraged me and my two brothers to start donating as soon as we were eligible (which I think was at age 16 at the time). I remember a group of students at my school heading into the blood bank and making a group donation.  I don’t know how many of my schoolmates stuck with it, but I’ve been donating ever since – my current donation total is 69!

Why do you think blood donation is so important?

Paige: It’s really important, as 1 in 3 Australians will need blood in their lifetime. That means it’s highly likely someone in your family, in your office, or your football team will need blood.

Sadly, the number of people who donate blood is far lower. If someone I loved needed blood, I would want to know there was enough in supply!

What has been the most rewarding part of being a Lifeblood Champion?

Paige: It is great to see our team numbers grow and, with that, the number of lives we save. When I first joined the HenderCare team, the dashboard showing ‘lives saved this year’ said zero ☹ .

As of today, we have 32 members, and so far in 2024, we’ve saved 48 lives!

What are some of the benefits of giving blood?

Paige: It feels really good to know your actions could literally save someone’s life. In fact, one donation can save up to three lives! Your donated red blood cells can help with cancer and blood diseases, surgeries, incidents and trauma, and new mothers and young children, just to name a few!

How quick is the process?

Paige: A whole blood donation is very quick. You can be in and out (and filled with delicious snacks and drinks) in about an hour. Donating plasma takes a little longer, around 90 minutes. A platelet donation is the longest, at about three hours.

What would you say to someone who is considering donating?

Paige: Definitely give it a try, then spread the word! It’s a pretty neat ‘get out of jail free’ card, too – your partner asks you to wash up after dinner? “Sorry, I’m just so exhausted from saving three lives today” 😉

We thank Paige for her ongoing commitment and encourage anyone who can donate to consider taking part to support this worthy cause.

To learn more about making a donation, click here.

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