Meet Hayley- Senior Social Worker

  • 2 mins

HenderCare has recently welcomed, Hayley, as Senior Social Worker in our Allied Health team.

We spoke to Hayley to learn all about her role and what she hopes to achieve at HenderCare, working alongside her clients.

“Currently as a Social Worker at HenderCare, I provide therapeutic services to young children. I am a Senior Social Worker that is accredited through the Australian Association of Social Work and through the therapy services I provide, I work alongside children with varying needs and disabilities.

I take a very play-based approach in my work, that aims to create emotional experiences that help to build resilience in life. My aim is to facilitate an increase in well-being and a sense of self.

When we work towards strengthening a child’s self-concept, by allowing them to take the lead in what they want to play and how the toys will be used, this communication allows them to make choices for themselves.

This means that the goal of the therapy sessions is to help children learn to securely attach and develop trust, which then enables me to support the child to develop strategies to self-soothe to increase behavioural regulation and work towards achieving their NDIS goals.”

Many of the services and interventions provided in social work, can include:

  • Early Childhood Intervention – key worker role / parent education / coaching
  • Assessment of carer stress/family support
  • Major life transition planning (e.g. school, post-school, employment, housing)
  • Behaviour concerns
  • Social skills interventions
  • Emotional regulation
  • Self-esteem / identity issues

Hayley pointed out the importance of building relationships and trust with her clients. A trusting relationship allows the child to open up in a safe space and build that confidence, where she is able to respond to their feelings.

“This creates a relationship of trust and secure attachment, mimicking the early attachment between parent and child.”

Hayley is excited to get involved as a new team member with HenderCare, creating and building on relationships with clients and their families and carers, as well as her fellow team members.

“Social work can also have a place where your child might be on a waiting list for other allied health services including psychology.”

For more information on social work services and how they might support your family, you can give us a call on 1300 764 433 or check out the therapy page on our website, here.

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