Feel Good Friday- Inclusive Easter 2022

  • 2 mins

When some people think of Easter, they think of chocolate, Easter egg hunts and relaxing time with their families.

For some families, however, Easter can be a stressful and anxious time, with many children struggling with different aspects of Easter festivities, particularly those on the autism spectrum.

This Feel Good Friday, we wanted to share some ideas we have found that offer different alternatives to ensure this Easter is as inclusive and enjoyable for everyone as possible!

 1. Sensory egg hunt

Instead of your usual Easter egg hunt, how about adapting the search to include some different textures?

You could put the eggs in a bowl or container filled with rice, sand or a similar texture, and encourage the children to search through it for the eggs.

 2. Attaching balloons to eggs 

For those children or young adults in a wheelchair or with a walking aid, having an object such as a balloon attached to the eggs makes it easier for them to grab and allows them to feel a part of the Easter egg hunt experience.

3. Talking about your plans for the holiday

For some children, particularly those on the autism spectrum, changes in routine can be hard to understand or manage emotions around, so having a conversation ahead of time, even the day before, can help them prepare and understand why some things may look different in their surroundings the next day. They can also get excited about helping with decorations or the Easter egg hunt itself.

4. Eggs with sound

This idea may not work for some families with children living with sensory difficulties, however, for those with low vision or a visual impairment, there are eggs available to purchase online that can play a sound or chirping noise, once again ensuring the easter egg hunt experience is as inclusive as possible.

5. Colouring in competition time

If an Easter egg hunt or a similar activity is not something that would work for your family or your child, there are some great alternatives that still allow you to embrace the Easter spirit in a a calmer and more suitable manner.

An ‘Easter-themed’ colouring-in competition is a great way for children to get creative and then share their artwork afterwards with their families. You could choose any other theme that your child is passionate about as well. Your children can choose what kind of utensils they use, giving them the option of pens, pencils, crayons, paintbrushes etc.

You might like to reward the child with a chocolate or a pair of Easter bunny ears as a reward.

However Easter looks for you and your family, we hope you all have a safe and enjoyable break!

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