Feel Good Friday: Para-skiing Barbie

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Happy Feel Good Friday everyone!

The Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 have begun and what better way to commemorate the start of the games than with the celebration of this new Barbie doll, recognising para-athletes!

In recent years, Mattel, the brand behind Barbie, have made significant steps in the way of equality and inclusivity in their toy ranges, with the Barbie brand right at the forefront.

It is so important for young children living with a disability to see themselves in their favourite toys and games, to feel not just recognised but to feel a part of something they love.

Mattel first released a range of Barbie dolls with disabilities in 2019, and ever since, they have been making a major impact in both the toy industry and society in general when it comes to representation and inclusivity.

Many of us would remember playing with a Barbie doll or one of our favourite toys when we were little, but there would also be many people who could never see themselves in these dolls, which is where the new generation of dolls has stepped in.

A number of toy brands are making conscious efforts now to not just make one or two inclusive toys but large ranges, with a number of different disabilities being positively recognised.

Health news website ‘The Mighty’ pointed out that not only do these dolls physically represent more individuals living with a disability, but the conversation around what a doll or toy is, is now becoming more inclusive. Accessibility is also pushing this change, with many dollhouses becoming wheelchair accessible.

A small change to make for these toy brands but a major impact it will have for so many young boys and girls who will be able to feel seen, heard and included when they sit around to play with their friends.

To read all about the new Barbie range and why it is so important for disability recognition, click here.

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