Father’s Day with HenderCare

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Today we celebrate Father’s Day in Australia, a day where we want to say a big thank you to all the hardworking fathers (and male role models) out there. We celebrate you today!


At HenderCare, we have many hardworking men, both in the offices and out in the field, caring for our clients, many of whom are fathers, uncles and grandfathers.

Logan (pictured below with his two daughters), one of our field workers at HenderCare, loves being a father to his two daughters.

“It’s a really wonderful responsibility, the chance to be able to care for someone and to guide them and teach them those important values; it’s an awesome opportunity to be a father”.

Many of us often talk about the importance of balancing working life and family life and the difficulty many parents often face in finding that happy medium.

As a support worker, Logan highlights the commonality in caring for his clients, much like his own family.

“You pick up on the common values, which is to listen to them, also recognising and celebrating achievements they have. The flexibility with work allows me to be able to do that with my family.”

“My job allows me to set aside time after my shifts, to spend with my daughters, to give them my full attention and just to check-in. I think it’s really important to make that time, and with my role as a support worker, I’m able to pick those days and times.”

On a day like today, many parents often reflect on their children and those early years.

Logan proudly stated, “One of the things I really appreciate is the Father’s Day cards; I had even kept a card from when the girls were little. It’s got that originality.”

HenderCare’s Western Australia State Manager, Jon, is also celebrating Father’s Day this year.

However, the pandemic means he will be apart from his youngest children; the day will be very special to him and his family.

“Fathers Day this year will be spent with my husband, the eldest of my stepchildren, and on FaceTime with my daughter, son and their mothers.”

“In all honesty, I never thought that I would have had the opportunity to be a father especially being in a same-sex relationship.

The children are too young themselves to acknowledge what Fathers Day means however they’ll soon realise that it’ll be an expensive day for them; after all, they do have two fathers!

I also have three stepchildren, and I’m fortunate enough for them to acknowledge me too on Fathers Day. I’m fortunate to receive their love too.”

Jon says he is very lucky that his job at HenderCare, being a national role, allows him the opportunity to spend more time with his children.

“If anything working for HenderCare and it being a national organisation gives me more opportunity to spend time with the children interstate.”

We’d like to wish all the dads at HenderCare a happy Father’s Day and hope you can spend it with the ones you love.

Our thoughts are also with those who have lost their fathers and separated from their fathers due to the pandemic.

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