Children’s books with a focus on disability

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Last week we shared some great television shows and movies that focused on inclusivity and representation of those living with disabilities and normalising the discussion around disability in mainstream media.

This week we wanted to shine a spotlight on ‘Little Parachutes’- the children’s book website focused on promoting books where disability is at the forefront or strongly included- helping educate those with disabilities and those who are able-bodied, to learn about how important inclusion in the community for children living with disabilities is.

Below is a list of books listed by ‘Little Parachutes’. They all share an important message of acceptance and inclusion:

‘Squishy Sand’ is all about a young boy overcoming his fears about using his wheelchair when visiting the beach and how the support and understanding of his friends help him understand she is able to take part in activities regardless of his disability.

‘Through the Eyes of Me’ helps children understand autism through the eyes of a young girl living with autism and explores the activities she enjoys and those that she finds a bit more challenging. It is hoped children can connect to the story- finding similarities with the young girl, regardless of whether they also live with autism or not.

‘We’re All Wonders’ is the story of Auggie, born with only one eye, he wants to be just like every other kids his age, he wants to explore and his mum calls him a ‘wonder’. When others aren’t kind to Auggie, he uses his helmet and goes on an adventure into space and along the way understands everyone on Earth is different and how the world should be big enough for everyone, no matter what they look like. A great story and a great lesson for children and adults.

‘Susan Laughs’ is all about helping children understand the similarities between children living with disabilities and those who are able-bodied. The story follows Susan as she takes part in everyday activities including painting and singing and allows the reader to not focus on Susan and the fact that she does have a disability.

‘My friend has Down’s syndrome’ takes a look at the friendship between two children who meet at camp and develop a close bond, with one of the girls learning to understand her new friend Ella’s Down’s syndrome and the power of friendship to achieve things together.

‘Dan and Diesel’ is all about the bond between a young boy and his ‘wonder dog’ Diesel. Dan is blind and has a very close bond with his guide dog Diesel. They do everything together, including trips to the park. The book follows their journey together and all the ups and downs.

‘We’ll Paint the Octopus Red’ is a beautiful story about the relationship between a young girl and her baby brother, who is born with Down’s syndrome and the bond they have. Such a great example of the natural connection siblings have no matter what.

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