Autism Awareness Month: 6 TV shows & movies worth watching

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Positive representation in the media and the entertainment industry is extremely important and impactful for those living with a disability. In recent years, more and more television shows and movies have been created with a focus on representation and inclusivity, in particular, for those living with autism.

With this month being Autism Awareness Month, we wanted to share 6 television shows and movies that shine a spotlight on individuals living with autism, both fictional and non-fictional with a mix of both family-focused and shows for the adult audience.

Love On The Spectrum : ABC iview

“Love On The Spectrum” is all about a group of young men and women who are all on the autism spectrum, learning all about love and relationships.

Pablo – ABC Kids

“Pablo” follows a 5-year-old boy on the autism spectrum who creates incredible imaginary friends that come to life using his magical crayons.

Pablo, along with his friends go on adventures together, as they help him with his anxiety when visiting places like the supermarket.

The A Word | Drama | SBS On Demand

The “A Word” is a television mini-series made and based in Britain, all about a family who learns of the diagnosis of autism in their five-year-old son Joe.

They all work together to learn to communicate in a way that is inclusive to Joe.

Keeko : ABC iview

“Keeko” is a children’s cartoon created to assist with the education and learning outcomes of children on the autism spectrum. Each episode starts and ends the same way, as said in the ‘Keeko Early Education Pack’, this provides an affirming scaffold for viewers.

The show is focused on working with the children watching in their developmental processes and supports them in their owns ways of expressing themselves.

Atypical | Netflix Official Site

“Atypical” is a comedy-drama Netflix show based on the “coming of age” story of 18-year-old Sam, who is on the autism spectrum and the life experiences he faces through his school and family and his journey into dating as a young boy in high school.

BBC Two – There She Goes

“There She Goes” is about 9-year-old Rosie, who lives with a severe learning disability and how her and family navigate their lives. All the stories and characters are based upon the real-life experience of the show’s writer Shaun Pye, whose daughter was born in 2006 with an extremely rare and, to date, undiagnosed chromosomal disorder.

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