PODCAST: The costs of a Home Care Package

November, 2017

November, 2017

Whether you're just starting to think about in-home support, or have had your ACAT assessment and are on the National Home Care Packages Queue, you probably want to know what the costs of a Home Care Package are. Carmen and Jon from the HenderCare team joined Chris Ilsley on Perth radio station 6PR to have a chat about these costs.

Four levels of Home Care Packages

Level 1

For people with basic care needs. A level 1 package gives you $22.35 a day in funding. To find out what a level 1 Home Care Package might look like for you, meet William.

Level 2

For people with low level care needs. A level 2 package gives you $40.65 a day in funding. To see what a level 2 Home Care Package can offer, meet Clarissa.

Level 3

For people with intermediate care needs. A level 3 package gives you $89.37 a day in funding. To discover what a level 3 Home Care Package can support you with, meet Maria and Peter.

Level 4

For people with high care needs. A level 4 package gives you $135.87 a day in funding. To see how a level 4 Home Care Package could help you, meet John and Hannah.

Basic Daily Fees

As a recipient of a Home Care Package, you will be asked to contribute a Basic Daily Fee. This is $10.17 per day that is added to your Home Care Package funds, and is used to help pay for the services you need to stay independently at home.

In many cases, we are able to waive the Basic Daily Fee for you. This means you can potentially receive support and services from a Home Care Package with no out of pocket costs.

No exit fees

With the introduction of Consumer Directed Care (CDC) - which means you have the power and freedom to choose who provides you with services - many service providers decided to charge an exit fee. At HenderCare, we see exit fees as a barrier to consumer choice, so if you ever decide to more to a different service provider, we will not charge an exit fee.

Let's talk

When you're ready to talk, we've got the right person to help - Marg is our Consumer & Participant Advisor, and you can reach her on (08) 8100 8850 or send her a message via It doesn't matter where you are in Australia, Marg will be able to speak with you and help you decide what your next steps are.