Allocations Online

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In the near future, we will be using a cloud-based version of Allocations for HenderCare services. Allocations Online is a new, easy to use web portal which allows you to access service information in real-time.
Some of the benefits in this updated version of Allocations include:
• Ability to see booking information including status
• See team members availability
• Check payroll details in relation to each service
• Update and maintain contact details
• Broadcast available shifts to field workers (FW) via SMS and mobile app
• Manage FW response to broadcast shifts
• FW can manage their own availability – no more Survey Monkey!
The system also comes with an app for field workers where they can:
• Receive client information about the shift – no more emailing details
• Update ad-hoc or permanent availability
• Receive and respond to shift notifications and updates
• Receive shift reminders
• Record start and finish times for shifts – no more paper timesheets
Via the Allocations Online portal, field workers can also:
• See shifts and their status
• Check payroll details
• Update ad-hoc or permanent availability
• Send notes and comments to head office
• Provide feedback on individual shifts
For our case managers, they will also be able to see all past and future shifts via their own client portal.
This new version of Allocations will provide an improved user experience in an application you are all familiar with. It will replace the current version of Allocations.
Allocations Online training is optional for all office staff but will be compulsory for team members who manage client information and bookings in Allocations (e.g. Coordinators). This includes after-hours/on-call across both HenderCare and HenderCare Foundation.
To find out more about the training, please email
Please note that HenderCare will be implementing AlayaCare later in 2020. You will be provided further information about this rollout in due course.
HenderCare Foundation will continue to use the current Foundation app and portal.

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