Complaints Resolution Process

HenderCare respects the right of all service users and employees, including health units, case managers, nurses, personal care workers, support workers, community organisations, aged care providers, patients/clients and their significant others. These entities and individuals have the right to express and resolve any complaint/grievance concerning HenderCare’s activities and service provision(s). This right extends to persons in any way affected by HenderCare’s service delivery.

The following Complaints Resolution Process has been established to benefit service recipients, their significant others (where applicable) and the staff of HenderCare. If there is anything that the aforementioned are not satisfied with or represents as a problem, a complaint can and should be made.

HenderCare’s complaints resolution process enables all persons making a complaint to be responded to promptly in a fair, confidential manner. Complainants can make their complaint without fear of retribution or cessation of service provision. If required, HenderCare will assist complainants in making a complaint by accessing an advocate of their choosing if they need assistance to make an effective complaint within the agency. Complainants can advise HenderCare if they do not consent to their complaint being added to the complaints register.

The Chief Executive Officer at HenderCare will be involved in all grievances/complaints, and from time to time, another person will be nominated to investigate the grievance/complaint on her behalf. HenderCare internally records all complaints received and the associated outcome(s) of the complaint (if any) in an effort to continually improve the services it provides.

To make a complaint, please contact HenderCare:

HenderCare endeavours to act in the following manner when dealing with all grievances/complaints:

  • complainants will be informed when making a complaint of HenderCare’s internal processes for dealing with complaints and the external processes that are available to them (if appropriate);
  • HenderCare will usually commence an internal investigation in to the complaint, but on occasion may refer the complaint to a government department/organisation to address the complaint or provide assistance in addressing the complaint (where required). E.g., HenderCare may seek advice from a body such as the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner or refer the matter to the police to investigate if the complaint relates to potential criminal activity;
  • within two business days of HenderCare receiving the complaint, complainants will be contacted and provided with the name and position of the person at HenderCare that will be addressing their complaint (if not done at the time the complaint is received); and
  • complainants will be advised whether they will be provided with an outcome from any investigation which may take place as a result of a complaint, and the expected timeframe that outcome.

If the complainant is not satisfied with HenderCare’s response to the complaint, the complainant can access the following to take their complaint further:

  • complaints unit of a specific government department
  • independent advocate
  • Police
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • case manager
  • Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner (or equivalent) and
  • any other person that the complainant knows and trusts, a friend or family member

The complainant can invite any of the above to help them at any stage when making a complaint about HenderCare. HenderCare can also assist the complainant in lodging a complaint with any of the above. If an individual would like assistance in contacting a third party to make a complaint about HenderCare or its services, they can contact HenderCare by one of the above methods to discuss what assistance HenderCare can provide.

Dated: 22 March 2019
Review Date: 1 July 2019

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