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Allied Health

With a focus on supporting children, aged two to 12, our Play Therapy service can help children living with a disability better express themselves and learn to cope with difficulties.

What is play therapy?

Play Therapy is a developmentally appropriate approach for working with children. Because children’s language development lags behind their cognitive development, children make sense
of their worlds through play. Play is a child’s natural language and Play Therapists are specially trained in this language.

What is play therapy?

Play Therapy offers children living with a disability, learning difficulties or other social or cognitive challenges, an opportunity to express, process and master their emotions through play. It can be used to enhance and develop; relationships, play skills and self-esteem, improve; social skills, self-regulation and coping skills, assist with processing and expressing emotion, cultivating empathy towards others, and assist in developing new and creative solutions to problems.

Play Therapists use play to communicate with children and assist them to express and explore their feelings, needs, behaviors and experiences supporting them to achieve optimal growth and development.

At HenderCare, we understand the benefits of Play Therapy and work with children, aged two to 12, to develop bespoke play-based interventions to help them and their families feel supported,
happy and confident.

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